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Bucher Aerospace Corporation
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The beginning…

AL.CARTSIn 1979 Peter Bucher began designing, engineering and manufacturing service carts. He and his fellow Swiss designers and engineers, in the Swiss heritage of quality and precision, conceived the initial design of AL.CARTS, in-flight service carts to be used by airlines as a drink-bar trolley and to serve meals to passengers during flights.

Changing times…

In the pursuing decades, Bucher Aerospace has become an expert in the manufacturing of In-
Flight Service Carts for the Aerospace Industry. As times have changed and airline service has changed;  so too has Bucher Aerospace changed. The company now offers the trend-setting vintage in-flight service carts for consumers – bringing the aerospace and airline experience into business and personal use.

What used to be for in-flight can now be part of your “ground operation” as the aerospace industry would say. Based on the original Bucher in-flight service cart, the new AL.CARTS are composed of aerospace-grade aluminum. Their  architecturally stylish, modular compositions signify the Swiss heritage of capitalizing on design and functionality in one piece.


The right name…

When thinking of a name for the carts, the designers went to the French word for ordering items separately on a menu or À la carte rather than the prefixed menu – a way for you to customize your meal. Thus, AL.CARTS was derived because you can order a customized cart per your specifications. Or you can think of AL.CARTS as AL(L about) Carts or AL(uminum) Carts..

Manufacturing in the Swiss tradition…

AL.CARTS are designed the same way as the carts used by flight attendants who appreciate the ergonomic sleekness and modern storage. The aluminum carts are light weight, green and recyclable. A piano hinge is an integral part to provide a solid door that is durable and esthetically pleasing.
In manufacturing AL.CARTS, vacuum formed components are used for economy and savings that are passed to you, the customer. Surface treatment, too, is important to provide durability and corrosion protection.

AL.CARTSA powder coating process is used to apply colored powder to the surface making for a durable cart and ensuring it of an extended life. The best quality braking system is manufactured by the injection molding process.

Castors are made of steel for durability and longevity. If you choose to have ergonomic top handles you’ll be getting glass reinforced plastic. Assembling of all these high-end components and parts is done in Everett, Washington with the highest precision and care that is the legacy of Swiss heritage of consistency and quality.

Building your custom AL.CARTS…

Begin assembling your own custom AL.CARTS with your color choice. There’s a variety of brilliant colors. Then choose the configuration of your cart – with shelves, drawers, open-ended – you pick. Would you like your company logo or own graphic designs, photos or renderings to the side walls of your AL.CARTS? You’ve got it!

How you can use AL.CARTS…

Airplanes throughout the world have used AL.CARTS. Now, you can, too.
Are you an aviation buff with your own aircraft? AL.CARTS make a portable and easy to use beverage or storage cart.
AL.CARTS can be used as storage in your office, kitchen, shop, garage, or patio. Store and serve food from the same cart. Use the cart onboard your ship in the galley. Store wine or serve beverages at your next party from your portable cart. Office managers like the versatility to organize the work place and artists have space for their supplies.

The many, many possibilities are waiting for you –
customize your very own AL.CARTS now.